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Morgan Family

Reita and Dudley Morgan left Jamaica to pursue careers and adventure in Canada. They forged a strong team to raise a son and contribute to communities here and back home.

Sunny Days ~ Solid Foundations

Reita and Dudley were born to hard working rural Jamaican families in the 1940s. Reita’s parents and 8 siblings farmed fruits and vegetables for family and local markets. Dudley’s parents ran a busy general store, with help from their 11 children. Both cherish memories of sunny days at church and school centred events in close-knit communities. They met in Kingston where they moved to study nursing. Witnessing Jamaica’s independence and subsequent struggles, they looked elsewhere to secure their future.

Canada ~ New Beginnings

Dudley landed a job at Toronto’s Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in 1967. Reita arrived in 1968 to work in a nursing home. Shift work left little time together. Dudley moved to Sudbury to join his brother working at INCO with excellent wages. Reita followed to work at Sudbury-Algoma Sanatorium and later the Children’s Aid Society. They married in 1968, worked hard, bought a house, and studied full time as well to earn social work degrees.

Wide Open Opportunities

In 1980, Dudley moved to work at Fort McMurray, Alberta, but soon the Yukon beckoned with superlative work as Supervisor of Youth Services. Dismayed at first sight of dusty Whitehorse, Reita found work at Social Services, supportive colleagues and good friends. Dudley thrived in the Yukon, introducing innovative training to upgrade client services. Joining Yukon College in 1986, he worked with developing rural campuses. Both Dudley and Reita earned master degrees in their early years in Yukon: Reita with M.A. in Child Welfare from St. Joseph College in Hartford, Connecticut; and Dudley a M.A. in Educational Administration from Central Michigan University.

Vibrant northern life took root with volunteering for numerous organizations. They witnessed profound social change as Yukon land claim settlements established self governing First Nations. However, their biggest changes came in 1985 after adopting son Rodney in Jamaica. He brought great joy to his parents, sailing through school and dazzling audiences with his talented singing, dancing and choreography.

Forever Active

Rodney moved south to attend college, settling in Toronto with success as a performer and travelling worldwide with his band. Reita and Dudley moved to Calgary in 2006. She enjoys volunteer work and activities with friends. Dudley launched an organization offering post secondary training in Africa and has received many awards including the 2013 Governor General’s Jamaica Diaspora Award of Excellence, recognizing his outstanding achievements and contributions through a lifetime of community service. Jamaica remains close to their hearts, with frequent trips and continuing support for family. The Morgans celebrate more than four decades of wonderful adventures in Canada, appreciating all they have seen and experienced.