HHSY Portable Exhibits

HHSY has produced a numner of self-standing pop-up displays of intrepid Black and Asian people in the Yukon that are excellent learning tools for educational or public awareness. They are easy to set up, easy to position, and provide concise stories of unique individuals in English and French. Each display is, 36” w x 8” when retracted in the carrying case and 31”w x 81”h when set up. The pop-ups can be can be booked and picked up or shipped from Yukon Archives. Exhibits can be bvorrowed for up to three months. Contact and arrangement details at Yukon Archives is:
• Email: yukon.archives@gov.yk.ca or phone 867-667-8061
• Additional information on viewing or borrowing Yukon Archives exhibits: https://yukon.ca/en/archives-exhibits#borrow-an-exhibit

If you have a TV screen in your location and would like to share snippets of information about our ethno-cultural adventurers, we have a 16:9 format Power Point Presentation available for download.