HHSY-Asian-History-pamphletThe purpose of Hidden Histories Society Yukon is to foster and increase the understanding of ethno-cultural history in the Yukon. We conduct research, produce displays and coordinate events involving the history of Yukon’s ethno-cultural communities, recognizing those who were often “hidden” in the past.

The Hidden Histories group has worked for over a decade to identify Asian, Black and other ethno-cultural people who have contributed much to the development of Yukon. In 2013, we incorporated as the Hidden Histories Society Yukon (HHSY). It was the logical step to be able to continue our work and validate our discoveries.

Our goal is to enlarge the representation of these diverse individuals and groups in the documentation and interpretation of Yukon history. We strive to bring forward the stories and life experiences of ethno-cultural individuals and groups so that they see themselves reflected appropriately in the telling of Yukon’s history. The results we believe will enrich Yukon’s social, cultural and economic foundations.

We have produced two Yukon focused ethno-cultural bibliographies (Inventory Of the History of Asian Yukoners and Inventory to the History of Black Yukoners) as source material for curriculum development, teachers, students and the public. We believe youth and people of all ages will benefit by learning about Yukon’s diverse cultural history.

We invite you to join Hidden Histories Society Yukon and explore this rich heritage!

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